eBook - 3 Types of Insurance Every Freelancer Should Have

Living the freelancing life can be tough. You have to make sure your product (and service) is always

on point, your finances in check, and not to mention you have to decide on the best ways to

market yourself. You’re doing great though (most of the time!), your business is booming, the

profits are rolling in, and you think you’ve finally got an understanding of this whole freelancing

thing. But then, BOOM! Your art is broken in transit to your customer! Or, that dog you’ve been

walking and seemed a little cranky today bites another dog at the park out of NOWHERE. Or your

marketing campaign went sideways thanks to a political news cycle out of your control. WTF are

you supposed to do as you’re working on getting your breath back under control?!

These *unexpected* issues – and so many more – are exactly why freelancers need insurance.

Read on to find out the three types of insurance you should have as a freelancer:

Lance EBook 3 Types of Insurance Every Freelancer Should Have