Meet Lance, the bank made for freelancers. (Freakin’ finally.)

Freelancing is pretty groovy. Especially when you’re living the dream, and doing it from a beach in Bali. But the bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, deductions, and savings? Shudder. More like a veritable nightmare. Entrée Lance: the first smart business bank account that does that all for you — and banishes your latent financial anxiety for good.
Team Lance

Being a freelancer is liberating.

You decide your own hours, set your own rates, and choose who you work with. If the spirit moves you, you can even go all-out nomad and work from a villa in Dubai or a yurt in Mongolia. (We’ve done it. It’s as cool as it sounds.)

The pros of a self-managed life are unbeatable. That’s why 60 million Americans freelance, and 97% of them say they’re in it for the long run. 

But like our wise, hard-working, immigrant tiger-parents always say: Freedom comes at a price.

Full-time, salaried employees get a W-2 form. That means all they have to do is their work, and taxes, retirement, even insurance usually get taken care of for them. Pretty. Darn. Convenient. 

Freelancers, however, carry a double burden: they have to do their job, and run their business. This includes bookkeeping, paying taxes, smoothing monthly cash flow, and saving towards retirement.

All that extra, mind-numbing work makes the average freelancer

  1. Lose $6,500 annually in potential deductions
  2. Suffer from inconsistent monthly cash flow
  3. Struggle to have even $400 in savings

And worst of all... 

  1. Perpetually stressed about money.

We know what you’re thinking. Probably something along the lines of: “You’re telling me?! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Most of us are just trying to keep our skin clear and our laundry done. Now we’re supposed to be our own CFOs? Get outta here with that b******t.”

We hear you. We’ve been there. And we’re on a mission to do something about it.

After speaking with thousands (literally, thousands) of freelancers, we discovered that the most pressing issue with solo-preneurship is the lack of any financial framework. There’s simply no streamlined system to help navigate freelance banking and business accounting.

We gotta admit (albeit begrudgingly), our new-agey “spiritual but not religious” friend was right. The answer was inside us all along: To be truly free, we realized we have to create our own framework.

So we built Lance. 

Lance is the first smart business bank account for the self-employed. It will automatically pay your salary, do your taxes, track your business expenses, and stash some cash for that post-COVID trip to Iceland you’ve been planning.

How does it work?

  1. Your income gets routed to your Lance account.
  2. You use Lance’s Visa debit card for all your business needs.
  3. Lance automatically calculates, withholds, and even pays (yes, pays!) your quarterly taxes to the IRS.
  4. The rest of your money is divvied up based on your preferences, and Lance’s algorithm, into configurable sub-accounts -- or as we call them, stacks. Stacks include but are not limited to: your salary (we transfer it to your personal account), savings, and business expenses.

Lance won’t clear your skin, fold your laundry, or meditate for you. 

But it will do your basic bookkeeping, accounting, budgeting and taxes. So you’ll have everything you need to grow a financially compliant and stable independent business. 

And that, dearest darlingest freelancer, is real freedom.


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