Built for Freelancers.
Just add big dreams and hustle.

Lance is your freelancing sidekick. Your finances, legal, and taxes done all in one place, so you can do you.

Money and jargon?

When your money is spread across clients invoices, payments and accounts, it’s hard to see everything in one place. Stop fighting with spreadsheets. See and keep track of your freelancing clearly and easily in Lance.


We know there’s nothing less exciting than tracking expenses or more terrifying than realizing you’ve avoided them come April. We’ll organize all your expenses, maximize deductions, and make sure you’re always on top.


What’s an EIN? How much should I charge? Whatever question crosses your hustling solopreneur mind, go ahead and ask in a private chat. One of our business coaches will answer in real-time.

Business launched?
Done right.

Do you know 78% of solopreneurs don’t have their business registered? Don’t be one of them. It’s not just about coverage and tax breaks anymore. Clients are more likely to hire you - and you can charge more.

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Your big dreams and hustle will thank you.